Chapter 1. Why Spring Dynamic Modules?

The Spring Framework is the leading full-stack Java/JEE application framework. It provides a lightweight container and a non-invasive programming model enabled by the use of dependency injection, AOP, and portable service abstractions. The OSGi Service Platform offers a dynamic application execution environment in which modules (bundles) can be installed, updated, or removed on the fly. It also has excellent support for modularity and versioning.

Spring Dynamic Modules makes it easy to write Spring applications that can be deployed in an OSGi execution environment, and that can take advantage of the services offered by the OSGi framework. Spring's OSGi support also makes development of OSGi applications simpler and more productive by building on the ease-of-use and power of the Spring Framework. For enterprise applications, the combination of Spring Dynamic Modules and the OSGi platform provides:

We believe that the combination of OSGi and Spring offers a comprehensive model for building enterprise applications.