Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi™ Service Platforms

Known Issues


Costin Leau (SpringSource)


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1. Known Issues
1.1. Publishing prototypes as OSGi services


This document describes known issues (and possible work-arounds). Each issue mentions the section of the reference documentation that explain the behaviour along with the associated JIRA entry which provides an estimate on when it will be solved. As a rule, the next release Spring Dynamic Modules aims to solve most, if not all of them.

Chapter 1. Known Issues

As a side note, it worth pointing out that the issues below are not really bugs but rather improvements.

1.1. Publishing prototypes as OSGi services

Due to the way OSGi platform deals with OSGi services (it caches the instance and returns it every time), prototypes are not fully supported. Spring DM publishes a proxy that on each call, delegates back to the target application context for retrieving the instance. While with other beans this works, in case of prototypes, this results in one-instance-per-invocation which is incorrect. Additional functionality needs to be added to fully support prototypes even though, as pointed out, this involves a knowledge between Client/Server regarding the publication contract.

See OSGI-237