Interface OperationRequest

public interface OperationRequest
The request that was sent as part of performing an operation on a RESTful service.
Andy Wilkinson
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  • Method Details

    • getContent

      byte[] getContent()
      Returns the content of the request. If the request has no content an empty array is returned.
      the contents, never null
    • getContentAsString

      String getContentAsString()
      Returns the content of the request as a String. If the request has no content an empty string is returned. If the request has a Content-Type header that specifies a charset then that charset will be used when converting the contents to a String.
      the contents as string, never null
    • getHeaders

      org.springframework.http.HttpHeaders getHeaders()
      Returns the headers that were included in the request.
      the headers
    • getMethod

      org.springframework.http.HttpMethod getMethod()
      Returns the HTTP method of the request.
      the HTTP method
    • getParameters

      Parameters getParameters()
      Returns the request's parameters. For a GET request, the parameters are derived from the query string. For a POST request, the parameters are derived form the request's body.
      the parameters
    • getParts

      Returns the request's parts, provided that it is a multipart request. If not, then an empty Collection is returned.
      the parts
    • getUri

      URI getUri()
      Returns the request's URI.
      the URI
    • getCookies

      Collection<RequestCookie> getCookies()
      Returns the cookies sent with the request. If no cookies were sent an empty collection is returned.
      the cookies, never null