Part II. Customizing the User Info RestTemplate

If you have a user-info-uri, the resource server features use an OAuth2RestTemplate internally to fetch user details for authentication. This is provided as a @Bean of type UserInfoRestTemplateFactory. The default should be fine for most providers, but occasionally you might need to add additional interceptors, or change the request authenticator (which is how the token gets attached to outgoing requests). To add a customization just create a bean of type UserInfoRestTemplateCustomizer - it has a single method that will be called after the bean is created but before it is initialized. The rest template that is being customized here is only used internally to carry out authentication. Alternatively, you could define your own UserInfoRestTemplateFactory @Bean to take full control.


To set an RSA key value in YAML use the “pipe” continuation marker to split it over multiple lines (“|”) and remember to indent the key value (it’s a standard YAML language feature). Example:

        keyValue: |
          -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
          -----END PUBLIC KEY-----