Class ExpressionBasedPreInvocationAdvice

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      • ExpressionBasedPreInvocationAdvice

        public ExpressionBasedPreInvocationAdvice()
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      • before

        public boolean before​(Authentication authentication,
                              org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInvocation mi,
                              PreInvocationAttribute attr)
        Description copied from interface: PreInvocationAuthorizationAdvice
        The "before" advice which should be executed to perform any filtering necessary and to decide whether the method call is authorised.
        Specified by:
        before in interface PreInvocationAuthorizationAdvice
        authentication - the information on the principal on whose account the decision should be made
        mi - the method invocation being attempted
        attr - the attribute built from the @PreFilter and @PostFilter annotations.
        true if authorised, false otherwise