Class AbstractAclProvider

    • Field Detail

      • aclService

        protected final AclService aclService
      • processConfigAttribute

        protected java.lang.String processConfigAttribute
      • processDomainObjectClass

        protected java.lang.Class<?> processDomainObjectClass
      • requirePermission

        protected final java.util.List<Permission> requirePermission
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractAclProvider

        public AbstractAclProvider​(AclService aclService,
                                   java.lang.String processConfigAttribute,
                                   java.util.List<Permission> requirePermission)
    • Method Detail

      • getProcessDomainObjectClass

        protected java.lang.Class<?> getProcessDomainObjectClass()
      • hasPermission

        protected boolean hasPermission​(Authentication authentication,
                                        java.lang.Object domainObject)
      • setProcessConfigAttribute

        protected void setProcessConfigAttribute​(java.lang.String processConfigAttribute)
      • setProcessDomainObjectClass

        public void setProcessDomainObjectClass​(java.lang.Class<?> processDomainObjectClass)
      • setSidRetrievalStrategy

        public void setSidRetrievalStrategy​(SidRetrievalStrategy sidRetrievalStrategy)
      • supports

        public boolean supports​(ConfigAttribute attribute)
        Description copied from interface: AfterInvocationProvider
        Indicates whether this AfterInvocationProvider is able to participate in a decision involving the passed ConfigAttribute.

        This allows the AbstractSecurityInterceptor to check every configuration attribute can be consumed by the configured AccessDecisionManager and/or RunAsManager and/or AccessDecisionManager.

        Specified by:
        supports in interface AfterInvocationProvider
        attribute - a configuration attribute that has been configured against the AbstractSecurityInterceptor
        true if this AfterInvocationProvider can support the passed configuration attribute
      • supports

        public boolean supports​(java.lang.Class<?> clazz)
        This implementation supports any type of class, because it does not query the presented secure object.
        Specified by:
        supports in interface AfterInvocationProvider
        clazz - the secure object
        always true