Interface JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    JaasNameCallbackHandler, JaasPasswordCallbackHandler

    public interface JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler
    The JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler is similar to the interface in that it defines a handle method. The JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler is only asked to handle one Callback instance at time rather than an array of all Callbacks, as the javax... CallbackHandler defines.

    Before a JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler is asked to 'handle' any callbacks, it is first passed the Authentication object that the login attempt is for. NOTE: The Authentication object has not been 'authenticated' yet.

    See Also:
    JaasNameCallbackHandler, JaasPasswordCallbackHandler, Callback, CallbackHandler
    • Method Detail

      • handle

        void handle​( callback,
                    Authentication auth)
        Handle the Callback. The handle method will be called for every callback instance sent from the LoginContext. Meaning that The handle method may be called multiple times for a given JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler.
        callback -
        auth - The Authentication object currently being authenticated.