Class RelyingPartyRegistrations

  • public final class RelyingPartyRegistrations
    extends java.lang.Object
    A utility class for constructing instances of RelyingPartyRegistration
    • Method Detail

      • fromMetadataLocation

        public static RelyingPartyRegistration.Builder fromMetadataLocation​(java.lang.String metadataLocation)
        Return a RelyingPartyRegistration.Builder based off of the given SAML 2.0 Asserting Party (IDP) metadata location. Valid locations can be classpath- or file-based or they can be HTTP endpoints. Some valid endpoints might include:
           metadataLocation = "classpath:asserting-party-metadata.xml";
           metadataLocation = "file:asserting-party-metadata.xml";
           metadataLocation = "";
        Note that by default the registrationId is set to be the given metadata location, but this will most often not be sufficient. To complete the configuration, most applications will also need to provide a registrationId, like so:
                RelyingPartyRegistration registration = RelyingPartyRegistrations
        Also note that an IDPSSODescriptor typically only contains information about the asserting party. Thus, you will need to remember to still populate anything about the relying party, like any private keys the relying party will use for signing AuthnRequests.
        metadataLocation - The classpath- or file-based locations or HTTP endpoints of the asserting party metadata file
        the RelyingPartyRegistration.Builder for further configuration