Class AclAuthorizationStrategyImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • AclAuthorizationStrategyImpl

        public AclAuthorizationStrategyImpl​(GrantedAuthority... auths)
        Constructor. The only mandatory parameter relates to the system-wide GrantedAuthority instances that can be held to always permit ACL changes.
        auths - the GrantedAuthoritys that have special permissions (index 0 is the authority needed to change ownership, index 1 is the authority needed to modify auditing details, index 2 is the authority needed to change other ACL and ACE details) (required)

        Alternatively, a single value can be supplied for all three permissions.

    • Method Detail

      • createCurrentUser

        protected Sid createCurrentUser​(Authentication authentication)
        Creates a principal-like sid from the authentication information.
        authentication - the authentication information that can provide principal and thus the sid's id will be dependant on the value inside
        a sid with the ID taken from the authentication information
      • setSidRetrievalStrategy

        public void setSidRetrievalStrategy​(SidRetrievalStrategy sidRetrievalStrategy)