Class DefaultLdapUsernameToDnMapper

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    public class DefaultLdapUsernameToDnMapper
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements LdapUsernameToDnMapper
    This implementation appends a name component to the userDnBase context using the usernameAttributeName property. So if the uid attribute is used to store the username, and the base DN is cn=users and we are creating a new user called "sam", then the DN will be uid=sam,cn=users.
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      DefaultLdapUsernameToDnMapper​(java.lang.String userDnBase, java.lang.String usernameAttribute)  
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      org.springframework.ldap.core.DistinguishedName buildDn​(java.lang.String username)
      Assembles the Distinguished Name that should be used the given username.
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      • DefaultLdapUsernameToDnMapper

        public DefaultLdapUsernameToDnMapper​(java.lang.String userDnBase,
                                             java.lang.String usernameAttribute)
        userDnBase - the base name of the DN
        usernameAttribute - the attribute to append for the username component.
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      • buildDn

        public org.springframework.ldap.core.DistinguishedName buildDn​(java.lang.String username)
        Assembles the Distinguished Name that should be used the given username.
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        buildDn in interface LdapUsernameToDnMapper