Interface SwitchUserAuthorityChanger

  • public interface SwitchUserAuthorityChanger
    Allows subclasses to modify the GrantedAuthority list that will be assigned to the principal when they assume the identity of a different principal.

    Configured against the SwitchUserFilter.

    • Method Detail

      • modifyGrantedAuthorities

        java.util.Collection<? extends GrantedAuthority> modifyGrantedAuthorities​(UserDetails targetUser,
                                                                                  Authentication currentAuthentication,
                                                                                  java.util.Collection<? extends GrantedAuthority> authoritiesToBeGranted)
        Allow subclasses to add or remove authorities that will be granted when in switch user mode.
        targetUser - the UserDetails representing the identity being switched to
        currentAuthentication - the current Authentication of the principal performing the switching
        authoritiesToBeGranted - all GrantedAuthority instances to be granted to the user, excluding the special "switch user" authority that is used internally (guaranteed never null)
        the modified list of granted authorities.