Class RedirectUrlBuilder

  • public class RedirectUrlBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    Internal class for building redirect URLs. Could probably make more use of the classes in for this.
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      java.lang.String getUrl()  
      void setContextPath​(java.lang.String contextPath)  
      void setPathInfo​(java.lang.String pathInfo)  
      void setPort​(int port)  
      void setQuery​(java.lang.String query)  
      void setScheme​(java.lang.String scheme)  
      void setServerName​(java.lang.String serverName)  
      void setServletPath​(java.lang.String servletPath)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • RedirectUrlBuilder

        public RedirectUrlBuilder()
    • Method Detail

      • setScheme

        public void setScheme​(java.lang.String scheme)
      • setServerName

        public void setServerName​(java.lang.String serverName)
      • setPort

        public void setPort​(int port)
      • setContextPath

        public void setContextPath​(java.lang.String contextPath)
      • setServletPath

        public void setServletPath​(java.lang.String servletPath)
      • setPathInfo

        public void setPathInfo​(java.lang.String pathInfo)
      • setQuery

        public void setQuery​(java.lang.String query)
      • getUrl

        public java.lang.String getUrl()