Class PrePostAnnotationSecurityMetadataSource

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.springframework.aop.framework.AopInfrastructureBean, MethodSecurityMetadataSource, SecurityMetadataSource

    public class PrePostAnnotationSecurityMetadataSource
    extends AbstractMethodSecurityMetadataSource
    MethodSecurityMetadataSource which extracts metadata from the @PreFilter and @PreAuthorize annotations placed on a method. This class is merely responsible for locating the relevant annotations (if any). It delegates the actual ConfigAttribute creation to its PrePostInvocationAttributeFactory, thus decoupling itself from the mechanism which will enforce the annotations' behaviour.

    Annotations may be specified on classes or methods, and method-specific annotations will take precedence. If you use any annotation and do not specify a pre-authorization condition, then the method will be allowed as if a @PreAuthorize("permitAll") were present.

    Since we are handling multiple annotations here, it's possible that we may have to combine annotations defined in multiple locations for a single method - they may be defined on the method itself, or at interface or class level.

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    • Method Detail

      • getAttributes

        public java.util.Collection<ConfigAttribute> getAttributes​(java.lang.reflect.Method method,
                                                                   java.lang.Class<?> targetClass)
      • getAllConfigAttributes

        public java.util.Collection<ConfigAttribute> getAllConfigAttributes()
        Description copied from interface: SecurityMetadataSource
        If available, returns all of the ConfigAttributes defined by the implementing class.

        This is used by the AbstractSecurityInterceptor to perform startup time validation of each ConfigAttribute configured against it.

        the ConfigAttributes or null if unsupported