Class ServiceProperties

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public class ServiceProperties extends Object implements org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean
Stores properties related to this CAS service.

Each web application capable of processing CAS tickets is known as a service. This class stores the properties that are relevant to the local CAS service, being the application that is being secured by Spring Security.

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    • ServiceProperties

      public ServiceProperties()
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    • afterPropertiesSet

      public void afterPropertiesSet()
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      afterPropertiesSet in interface org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean
    • getService

      public final String getService()
      Represents the service the user is authenticating to.

      This service is the callback URL belonging to the local Spring Security System for Spring secured application. For example,
      the URL of the service the user is authenticating to
    • isSendRenew

      public final boolean isSendRenew()
      Indicates whether the renew parameter should be sent to the CAS login URL and CAS validation URL.

      If true, it will force CAS to authenticate the user again (even if the user has previously authenticated). During ticket validation it will require the ticket was generated as a consequence of an explicit login. High security applications would probably set this to true. Defaults to false, providing automated single sign on.

      whether to send the renew parameter to CAS
    • setSendRenew

      public final void setSendRenew(boolean sendRenew)
    • setService

      public final void setService(String service)
    • getArtifactParameter

      public final String getArtifactParameter()
    • setArtifactParameter

      public final void setArtifactParameter(String artifactParameter)
      Configures the Request Parameter to look for when attempting to see if a CAS ticket was sent from the server.
      artifactParameter - the id to use. Default is "ticket".
    • getServiceParameter

      public final String getServiceParameter()
      Configures the Request parameter to look for when attempting to send a request to CAS.
      the service parameter to use. Default is "service".
    • setServiceParameter

      public final void setServiceParameter(String serviceParameter)
    • isAuthenticateAllArtifacts

      public final boolean isAuthenticateAllArtifacts()
    • setAuthenticateAllArtifacts

      public final void setAuthenticateAllArtifacts(boolean authenticateAllArtifacts)
      If true, then any non-null artifact (ticket) should be authenticated. Additionally, the service will be determined dynamically in order to ensure the service matches the expected value for this artifact.
      authenticateAllArtifacts -