Interface AuthenticatedPrincipal

All Known Subinterfaces:
OAuth2AuthenticatedPrincipal, OAuth2User, OidcUser, Saml2AuthenticatedPrincipal
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultOAuth2AuthenticatedPrincipal, DefaultOAuth2User, DefaultOidcUser, DefaultSaml2AuthenticatedPrincipal, OAuth2IntrospectionAuthenticatedPrincipal

public interface AuthenticatedPrincipal
Representation of an authenticated Principal once an Authentication request has been successfully authenticated by the AuthenticationManager.authenticate(Authentication) method. Implementors typically provide their own representation of a Principal, which usually contains information describing the Principal entity, such as, first/middle/last name, address, email, phone, id, etc. This interface allows implementors to expose specific attributes of their custom representation of Principal in a generic way.
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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Returns the name of the authenticated Principal.
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      Returns the name of the authenticated Principal. Never null.
      the name of the authenticated Principal