Annotation Interface AuthenticationPrincipal

@Target({PARAMETER,ANNOTATION_TYPE}) @Retention(RUNTIME) @Documented public @interface AuthenticationPrincipal
Annotation that is used to resolve Authentication.getPrincipal() to a method argument.
4.0 See: AuthenticationPrincipalArgumentResolver
  • Element Details

    • errorOnInvalidType

      boolean errorOnInvalidType
      True if a ClassCastException should be thrown when the current Authentication.getPrincipal() is the incorrect type. Default is false.
    • expression

      String expression
      If specified will use the provided SpEL expression to resolve the principal. This is convenient if users need to transform the result.

      For example, perhaps the user wants to resolve a CustomUser object that is final and is leveraging a UserDetailsService. This can be handled by returning an object that looks like:

       public class CustomUserUserDetails extends User {
           // ...
           public CustomUser getCustomUser() {
               return customUser;
      Then the user can specify an annotation that looks like:
       @AuthenticationPrincipal(expression = "customUser")
      the expression to use.