Class Md4PasswordEncoder

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@Deprecated public class Md4PasswordEncoder extends Object implements PasswordEncoder
Digest based password encoding is not considered secure. Instead use an adaptive one way function like BCryptPasswordEncoder, Pbkdf2PasswordEncoder, or SCryptPasswordEncoder. Even better use DelegatingPasswordEncoder which supports password upgrades. There are no plans to remove this support. It is deprecated to indicate that this is a legacy implementation and using it is considered insecure.
This PasswordEncoder is provided for legacy purposes only and is not considered secure. Encodes passwords using MD4. The general format of the password is:
 s = salt == null ? "" : "{" + salt + "}"
 s + md4(password + s)
Such that "salt" is the salt, md4 is the digest method, and password is the actual password. For example with a password of "password", and a salt of "thisissalt":
 String s = salt == null ? "" : "{" + salt + "}";
 s + md4(password + s)
 "{thisissalt}" + md4(password + "{thisissalt}")
If the salt does not exist, then omit "{salt}" like this:
If the salt is an empty String, then only use "{}" like this:
 "{}" + md4(password + "{}")
The format is intended to work with the Md4PasswordEncoder that was found in the Spring Security core module. However, the passwords will need to be migrated to include any salt with the password since this API provides Salt internally vs making it the responsibility of the user. To migrate passwords from the SaltSource use the following:
 String salt = saltSource.getSalt(user);
 String s = salt == null ? null : "{" + salt + "}";
 String migratedPassword = s + user.getPassword();
  • Constructor Details

    • Md4PasswordEncoder

      public Md4PasswordEncoder()
  • Method Details

    • setEncodeHashAsBase64

      public void setEncodeHashAsBase64(boolean encodeHashAsBase64)
    • encode

      public String encode(CharSequence rawPassword)
      Encodes the rawPass using a MessageDigest. If a salt is specified it will be merged with the password before encoding.
      Specified by:
      encode in interface PasswordEncoder
      rawPassword - The plain text password
      Hex string of password digest (or base64 encoded string if encodeHashAsBase64 is enabled.
    • matches

      public boolean matches(CharSequence rawPassword, String encodedPassword)
      Takes a previously encoded password and compares it with a rawpassword after mixing in the salt and encoding that value
      Specified by:
      matches in interface PasswordEncoder
      rawPassword - plain text password
      encodedPassword - previously encoded password
      true or false