Interface UserDetailsManager

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All Known Implementing Classes:
InMemoryUserDetailsManager, JdbcUserDetailsManager, LdapUserDetailsManager

public interface UserDetailsManager extends UserDetailsService
An extension of the UserDetailsService which provides the ability to create new users and update existing ones.
  • Method Details

    • createUser

      void createUser(UserDetails user)
      Create a new user with the supplied details.
    • updateUser

      void updateUser(UserDetails user)
      Update the specified user.
    • deleteUser

      void deleteUser(String username)
      Remove the user with the given login name from the system.
    • changePassword

      void changePassword(String oldPassword, String newPassword)
      Modify the current user's password. This should change the user's password in the persistent user repository (database, LDAP etc).
      oldPassword - current password (for re-authentication if required)
      newPassword - the password to change to
    • userExists

      boolean userExists(String username)
      Check if a user with the supplied login name exists in the system.