Interface ChannelProcessor

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    InsecureChannelProcessor, SecureChannelProcessor

    public interface ChannelProcessor
    Decides whether a web channel meets a specific security condition.

    ChannelProcessor implementations are iterated by the ChannelDecisionManagerImpl.

    If an implementation has an issue with the channel security, they should take action themselves. The callers of the implementation do not take any action.

    • Method Detail

      • decide

        void decide​(FilterInvocation invocation,
                    java.util.Collection<ConfigAttribute> config)
        Decided whether the presented FilterInvocation provides the appropriate level of channel security based on the requested list of ConfigAttributes.
      • supports

        boolean supports​(ConfigAttribute attribute)
        Indicates whether this ChannelProcessor is able to process the passed ConfigAttribute.

        This allows the ChannelProcessingFilter to check every configuration attribute can be consumed by the configured ChannelDecisionManager.

        attribute - a configuration attribute that has been configured against the ChannelProcessingFilter.
        true if this ChannelProcessor can support the passed configuration attribute