Classes related to the caching of an HttpServletRequest which requires authentication. While the user is logging in, the request is cached (using the RequestCache implementation) by the ExceptionTranslationFilter. Once the user has been authenticated, the original request is restored following a redirect to a matching URL, and the RequestCache is queried to obtain the original (matching) request.
  • Class
    An Implementation of RequestCache which saves the original request URI in a cookie.
    Represents central information from a HttpServletRequest.
    Adapter that wraps an Enumeration around a Java 2 collection Iterator.
    Utility class to generate HTTP dates.
    RequestCache which stores the SavedRequest in the HttpSession.
    Null implementation of RequestCache.
    Implements "saved request" logic, allowing a single request to be retrieved and restarted after redirecting to an authentication mechanism.
    Responsible for reconstituting the saved request if one is cached and it matches the current request.
    Stores off the values of a cookie in a serializable holder
    Encapsulates the functionality required of a cached request for both an authentication mechanism (typically form-based login) to redirect to the original URL and for a RequestCache to build a wrapped request, reproducing the original request data.
    A Bean implementation of SavedRequest