1. Spring Social Twitter Overview

1.1 Introduction

The Spring Social Twitter project is an extension to Spring Social that enables integration with Twitter.

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging and social networking service, enabling people to communicate with each other 140 characters at a time.

Spring Social Twitter enables integration with Twitter with TwitterConnectionFactory, a connection factory that can be plugged into Spring Social's service provider connection framework, and with an API binding to Twitter's REST API.

1.2 How to get

The following Maven dependency will add Spring Social Twitter to your project:


As an extension to Spring Social, Spring Social Twitter depends on Spring Social. Spring Social's core module will be transitively resolved from the Spring Social Twitter dependency. If you'll be using Spring Social's web module, you'll need to add that dependency yourself:


Note that Spring Social Twitter may release on a different schedule than Spring Social. Consequently, Spring Social's version may differ from that of Spring Social Twitter.

Consult Spring Social's reference documentation for more information on Spring Social dependencies.