Interface ClientInterceptor

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractValidatingInterceptor, AbstractWsSecurityInterceptor, ClientInterceptorAdapter, PayloadValidatingInterceptor, Wss4jSecurityInterceptor

public interface ClientInterceptor
Workflow interface that allows for customized client-side message interception. Applications can register any number of existing or custom interceptors on a WebServiceTemplate, to add common pre- and postprocessing behavior without needing to modify payload handling code.

A ClientInterceptor gets called after payload creation (using WebServiceTemplate.marshalSendAndReceive(Object) or similar methods, and after callback invocation, but before the message is sent over the WebServiceConnection. This mechanism can be used for a large field of preprocessing aspects, e.g. for authorization checks, or message header checks. Its main purpose is to allow for factoring out meta-data (i.e. SoapHeader) related code.

Client interceptors are defined on a WebServiceTemplate, using the interceptors property.

Giovanni Cuccu, Arjen Poutsma
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