Class X509AuthenticationToken

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Principal,,

public class X509AuthenticationToken extends
Authentication implementation for X.509 client-certificate authentication.

Migrated from Spring Security 2 since it has been removed in Spring Security 3.

Luke Taylor
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  • Constructor Details

    • X509AuthenticationToken

      public X509AuthenticationToken(X509Certificate credentials)
      Used for an authentication request. The Authentication.isAuthenticated() will return false.
      credentials - the certificate
    • X509AuthenticationToken

      public X509AuthenticationToken(Object principal, X509Certificate credentials, Collection<? extends> authorities)
      Used for an authentication response object. The Authentication.isAuthenticated() will return true.
      principal - the principal, which is generally a UserDetails
      credentials - the certificate
      authorities - the authorities
  • Method Details

    • getCredentials

      public Object getCredentials()
    • getPrincipal

      public Object getPrincipal()