Interface X509AuthoritiesPopulator

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public interface X509AuthoritiesPopulator
Populates the UserDetails associated with the X.509 certificate presented by a client.

Although the certificate will already have been validated by the web container, implementations may choose to perform additional application-specific checks on the certificate content here. If an implementation chooses to reject the certificate, it should throw a BadCredentialsException.

Migrated from Spring Security 2 since it has been removed in Spring Security 3.

Luke Taylor
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Obtains the granted authorities for the specified user.
  • Method Details

    • getUserDetails getUserDetails(X509Certificate userCertificate) throws
      Obtains the granted authorities for the specified user.

      May throw any AuthenticationException or return null if the authorities are unavailable.

      userCertificate - the X.509 certificate supplied
      the details of the indicated user (at minimum the granted authorities and the username)
      Throws: - if the user details are not available or the certificate isn't valid for the application's purpose.