Class SoapFaultMappingExceptionResolver

All Implemented Interfaces:
org.springframework.core.Ordered, EndpointExceptionResolver

public class SoapFaultMappingExceptionResolver extends AbstractSoapFaultDefinitionExceptionResolver
Exception resolver that allows for mapping exception class names to SOAP Faults. The mappings are set using the exceptionMappings property, the format of which is documented in SoapFaultDefinitionEditor.
Arjen Poutsma
  • Constructor Details

    • SoapFaultMappingExceptionResolver

      public SoapFaultMappingExceptionResolver()
  • Method Details

    • setExceptionMappings

      public void setExceptionMappings(Properties mappings)
      Set the mappings between exception class names and SOAP Faults. The exception class name can be a substring, with no wildcard support at present.

      The values of the given properties object should use the format described in SoapFaultDefinitionEditor.

      Follows the same matching algorithm as SimpleMappingExceptionResolver.

      mappings - exception patterns (can also be fully qualified class names) as keys, fault definition texts as values
      See Also:
    • getFaultDefinition

      protected SoapFaultDefinition getFaultDefinition(Object endpoint, Exception ex)
      Description copied from class: AbstractSoapFaultDefinitionExceptionResolver
      Template method that returns the SoapFaultDefinition for the given exception.
      Specified by:
      getFaultDefinition in class AbstractSoapFaultDefinitionExceptionResolver
      endpoint - the executed endpoint, or null if none chosen at the time of the exception
      ex - the exception to be handled
      the definition mapped to the exception, or null if none is found.
    • getDepth

      protected int getDepth(String exceptionMapping, Exception ex)
      Return the depth to the superclass matching. 0 means ex matches exactly. Returns -1 if there's no match. Otherwise, returns depth. Lowest depth wins.

      Follows the same algorithm as RollbackRuleAttribute, and SimpleMappingExceptionResolver