Changes Report

Release History


Release 1.0 - 2007-08-17

fixDon't close the ServletInputStream in AbstractWebServiceConnection.receive Fixes SWS-150.poutsma
fixIllegalStateException in Saaj11Implementation.removeContents() Fixes SWS-151.poutsma
fixNoSuchMethodError: SaajUtils.toName() Fixes SWS-152.poutsma
fixNull pointer while handling empty SOAP Body Fixes SWS-164.poutsma
fixWhen using JAXB2, all messages become MTOM Fixes SWS-145.poutsma
fixclient-side support for JAXB2 MTOM marshalling is not working well Fixes SWS-156.poutsma
fixjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: This is not an attribute, it is a namespace: xmlns:xs Fixes SWS-158.poutsma
fixMention namespace resolution for SoapFault annotation Fixes SWS-154.poutsma
fixMention transformWsdlLocations servlet parameter to the reference docs Fixes SWS-147.poutsma
fixmarshallSendAndReceivce bug in WebServiceTemplate Fixes SWS-149.poutsma
fixMinor Documentation Bug: org.springframework.xml.transform.ResourceSource Fixes SWS-141.poutsma
?AxiomSoapFaultDetailElementIterator does not consider whitespace nodes. Fixes SWS-142.poutsma

Release 1.0-rc2 - 2007-06-15

?Added MarshallingSource, a TrAX Source that uses a Marshaller.poutsma
updateReduce th e number of overloaded methods on the WebServiceTemplate class to aid comprehension. Fixes SWS-134.poutsma
addAllow specifying names of message factory and message receiver in MessageDispatcherServlet Fixes SWS-124.poutsma
addAdded checkConnectionForFault to WebServiceTemplate to deal with Web services which are not WS-I compliant Fixes SWS-137.poutsma
updateWebServiceTemplate returns boolean values rather than voidpoutsma
updateChanged WebServiceMessageCallback's doInMessage() to doWithMessage() Fixes SWS-126.poutsma
updateRenamed FaultResolver to FaultMessageResolverpoutsma
updateMoved SoapActionCallback to soap packagepoutsma
fixAdded an MTOM samplepoutsma
fixFixed various MTOM issuespoutsma
addImplement client-side TransportContext Fixes SWS-135.poutsma
addAdded ignoreExtraAttributes and ignoreExtraElements properties to CastorMarshaller Fixes SWS-133.poutsma
addMoved SimpleMethodEndpointMapping from sandbox Fixes SWS-129.poutsma
addMoved PayloadMethodEndpointAdapter and MessageMethodEndpointAdapter from sandboxpoutsma
addCommonsHttpMessageSender should expose setters for username and password Fixes SWS-123.poutsma
addA MessageSender setter on WebServicesGatewaySupport Fixes SWS-122.poutsma
fixA SOAP:Fault does not set the the response code to 500 Fixes SWS-128.poutsma

Release 1.0-rc1 - 2007-05-21

addChanging URL in CommonsHttpMessageSender Fixes SWS-98.poutsma
addAllow SoapFaultMappingExceptionResolver to use strategy to obtain SoapFaultDefinition Fixes SWS-117.poutsma
addPulled handleFault() from SoapEndpointInterceptor up to EndpointInterceptorpoutsma
fixRemove IOExceptions from WebServiceTemplate. A runtime exception hierarchy has been created in Fixes SWS-119.poutsma
fixSupport JAXB's MTOM/XOP/MIME support. As a result, all Mime-related code in SoapMessage has been moved to the package Fixes SWS-116.poutsma
fixClient is not able to read long response Fixes SWS-115.poutsma
addAdd methods to access attributes on SoapElementpoutsma
addAdded XPath template, for evaluating XPaths in a template-like fashionpoutsma
addMTOM support Fixes SWS-62.poutsma
addAdded XPathExpressionFactoryBean, for injection of XPath expressionspoutsma
fixDefault message factory for WebServiceTemplate Fixes SWS-106.poutsma
fixAdd faults into dynamically created WSDL Fixes SWS-79.poutsma
addAdded MethodEndpoint functionality, invoking methods for incoming requests Fixes SWS-20.poutsma
fixGZip compression is not enabled Fixes SWS-105.poutsma
updateWebServiceConnection is now container for TransportInputStream and TransportOutputStream, used on both client- and server-sidepoutsma
addAdded supports metho d to Marshaller and Unmarshallerpoutsma
fixAllow CastorMarshaller to accept more than one mapping file Fixes SWS-88.poutsma
fixSet WhitespacePreserve flag in CastorMarshaller Fixes SWS-96.poutsma
fixOXM Marshal encoding definition Fixes SWS-97.poutsma
addCannot set DateConverter in XStreamMarshaller.setConverters(Converter[ ] ) Fixes SWS-100.poutsma
updateReplaced method which returned a Source from WebServiceTemplate with SourceExtractor methods, because the Source could be closed before returnedpoutsma
addAdded XPathPayloadEndpointMapping (#SWS-85) Fixes SWS-85.poutsma
fixAbstractSoapMessage.getPayloadSource returns null with Axis SAAJ Fixes SWS-87.poutsma
fixDefaultTimestapValidator now handles timestamps with milliseconds correctly Fixes SWS-89.poutsma
fixStream closed before response read with WebServiceTemplate + Axis SAAJ Soap Messages Fixes SWS-86.poutsma
fixFixed issue with reading response HTTP headerspoutsma
fixXsdBasedSoap11Wsdl4jDefinitionBuilder parsing error Fixes SWS-101.poutsma
updatePrefixed abstract classes with Abstractpoutsma
fixnew location for Fixes SWS-93.poutsma

Release 1.0-M3 - 2007-01-24

fixAbstractMarshallerTestCase.testMarshalDOMResult() builds a DOM object that does not retain namespace Fixes SWS-70.poutsma
fixCastorMarshall er uses a XMLClassDescriptorResolver instead of a Mapping Fixes SWS-54.poutsma
fixCastorMarshaller marshals to DOM trees correctly Fixes SWS-59.poutsma
addAdded indent property to pretty print JiBX output (#SWS-72) Fixes SWS-72.poutsma
updateMoved MessageDispatcher, EndpointAdapter, EndpointExceptionResolver, EndpointInterceptor, EndpointMapping, and EndpointInvocationChain to packagepoutsma
addAdded client-side support based on WebServiceTemplate Fixes SWS-58.poutsma
updateRefactored MessageContextFactory, SoapMessageContextFactory and implementations into WebServiceMessageFactorypoutsma
updateMoved TransformerObjectSupport to org.springframework.xml.transformpoutsma
updateMoved all endpoint subclasses to
updateMoved PayloadValidatingInterceptor to org.springframework.soap.server.endpoint.interceptor, because it contains SOAP-specific featurespoutsma
addAdded setId() method to Attachment, to set the Content-ID of MIME attachments Fixes SWS-53.poutsma
addAdded getResult() to SoapFaultDetail Fixes SWS-57.poutsma
addRefactored SAAJ from two separate hierarchies (SAAJ 1.2 and SAAJ 1.3) into one, using bridge pattern. Added SAAJ 1.1 support.poutsma
updateMoved all endpoint subclasses to
fixDefaultTimestampValidator no longer requires Expired in request Fixes SWS-55.poutsma
fixDigest passwords are handled correctly in the SimplePasswordValidationCallbackHandler Fixes SWS-56.poutsma
updateMoved TransportContext and TransportContextHolder to packagepoutsma
addAdded MessageDispatcherServlet Fixes SWS-60.poutsma
updateRenamed MessageEndpointHandlerAdapter to WebServiceReceiverHandlerAdapterpoutsma
addAdded Wsdl11DefinitionBuilderpoutsma
addAdded XsdBasedSoap11Wsdl4jDefinitionBuilder that generates a WSDL based on a schema Fixes SWS-67.poutsma
fixFixed #SWS-61: DomContentHandler throwing NullpointerExption on document Fixes SWS-61.poutsma
fixFixed #SWS-75: Java 1.5+ Constructor Used for IllegalStateException Fixes SWS-75.poutsma
addAdded JAX-WS client for Airline samplepoutsma
addadded Spring-WS client for Echo samplepoutsma

Release 1.0-M2 - 2006-09-09

updateAll marshallers support StaxSources now Fixes SWS-36.poutsma
addAdded support for registering custom Converters Fixes SWS-34.poutsma
updateChanged contract of MessageContext.getResp onse(): now creates a response if none has been created. Required because creating SOAP fault when a response was already set threw an exception.poutsma
addEnabling support for direct writing to the TransportResponsepoutsma
updateMessageContext contains TransportRequest, for transport-based routingpoutsma
updateImproved endpoint test suitepoutsma
fixAbstractStaxPayloadEndpoint now use StaxSource corrently Fixes SWS-38.poutsma
updateRenamed AbstractDom4JPayloadEndpoint to AbstractDom4jPayloadEndpoint (lower case j), to follow Spring naming conventions (e.g. Log4jConfigurer)poutsma
addAdded getters on AbstractMarshallingPayloadEndpointpoutsma
updateMoved interceptors to seperate packagepoutsma
updateMade PayloadValidatingInterceptor more customizable Fixes SWS-43.poutsma
addAdded schemas property to PayloadValidatingInterceptor Fixes SWS-44.poutsma
updateRefactoring most of PayloadValidatingInterceptor into AbstractValidatingInterceptorpoutsma
updateMoved EndpointMappings to seperate packagepoutsma
removeRemoved SOAP-specific roles functionalitypoutsma
addAdded Plain Old XML support Fixes SWS-50.poutsma
updateImproved content-type handling Fixes SWS-32.poutsma
updateMoved SOAP 1.1 specfics to separate package a nd interfacespoutsma
updateSoapAction has been removed from SoapMessage, SoapActionEndpointMapping uses TransportRequest headerpoutsma
addAdded support for SAAJ 1.3poutsma
addAdded "payloadCaching" property to read the contents of SOAP bodies produced by the AxiomSoapMessageContextFactory in a non-buffering, read-once fashion.poutsma
fixIncreased performance by keeping object references instead of creating new instances for every callpoutsma
addAdded SoapEnvelopeLoggingInterceptor, which logs the entire SoapEnvelopepoutsma
updateMoved SOAP-specific EndpointMappings to seperate packagepoutsma
addAdded Role/Actor functionality to DelegatingSoapEndpointMappingpoutsma
addAdd support for SAAJ 1.3poutsma
fixIncreased performance by keeping object references instead of creating new instances for every callpoutsma
addAdded SaajUtils.getVersion()poutsma
updateMoved SOAP 1.1 specifics to separate package and interfacespoutsma
fixAdded TransportContext, TransportRequest & TransportResponsepoutsma
fixRemoved J2EE 1.4 dependency Fixes SWS-31.poutsma
updaterenamed MessageHandlerAdapter to MessageEndpointHandlerAdapterpoutsma
updateMoved package to seperate jar file, since oxm now also depends on itpoutsma
updateMoved QNameEditor from spring-ws-corepoutsma
removeRemoved prefix dependency from QNamepoutsma
fixImproved validation schema loading Fixes SWS-46.poutsma
addAdded Ben Ethridge's Echo sample clientpoutsma

Release 1.0-M1 - 2006-06-12

addAdded support for JAXB 2: refactored JaxbMarshaller into AbstractJaxbMarshaller, Jaxb1Marshaller and Jaxb2Marshallerpoutsma
fixMade JaxbMarshallers thread safepoutsma
addAdded property for a ValidationEventHandler in Jaxb2Marshallerpoutsma
addAdded AXIOM (AXis Object Model) implementation of SoapMessage hierarchypoutsma
addAdded AbstractDom4JPayloadEndpointpoutsma
addAdded AbstractXomPayloadEndpointpoutsma
updateRenamed AbstractTransformingEndpoint to TransformerObjectSupportpoutsma
addAdded SoapFaultDetail and SoapFaultDetailElementpoutsma
updateImproved SoapMessage test suitepoutsma
fixFixed serious bug which resulted in not-understood mustUnderstand headers being silently ignoredpoutsma
addAdded SimpleSoapExceptionResolverpoutsma
addAdded WS-Security implementation based on XWS-Security with integration for Acegi and JAASpoutsma
addAdded StaxSource and StaxResult, which allow for StAX readers/writers to be used as javax.xml.transform.Source and javax.xml.transform.Resultpoutsma
addAdded XPath abstraction with support for JAXP 1.3, Jaxen, and Xalanpoutsma
addAdded Ingo Siebert's Echo samplepoutsma
addAdded WS-Security support to Airline samplepoutsma
addAdded SAAJ clients to Airline samplepoutsma

Release 0.9.1 - 2006-04-06

fixMade overall thread safety fixespoutsma
addAdded initial reference documentationpoutsma
fixAbstractMarshallers does proper SAXSource handlingpoutsma
updateExposing JAXB properties on JaxbMarshallerpoutsma
addAdded XmlOptionsFactoryBean for use with XmlBeansMarshallerpoutsma
updatemoved JaxbContextFactoryBean functionality into JaxbMarshallerpoutsma
updatemoved JibxBindingFactoryBean functionality into JibxMarshallerpoutsma
updatemade AbstractSoapEndpointMapping ignorant of SOAP versionpoutsma
addAdded initial attachment supportpoutsma
addAdded JaxpVersion for easy detection of JAXP versionpoutsma
removeremoved JAXP1.3 dependencypoutsma

Release 0.9 - 2006-02-11

addFirst public preview releasepoutsma