Interface DisposableBean

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractPoolingTargetSource, EhCacheManagerFactoryBean, JndiRmiServiceExporter, JotmFactoryBean, LocalPersistenceManagerFactoryBean, LocalSessionFactoryBean, ResourceBundleViewResolver, RmiServiceExporter, SchedulerFactoryBean, ServletWrappingController, SingleConnectionDataSource, SingleConnectionFactory, ThreadLocalTargetSource, TimerFactoryBean, XmlViewResolver

public interface DisposableBean

Interface to be implemented by beans that want to release resources on destruction. A BeanFactory is supposed to invoke the destroy method if it disposes a cached singleton. An application context is supposed to dispose all of its singletons on close.

An alternative to implementing DisposableBean is specifying a custom destroy-method, for example in an XML bean definition. For a list of all bean lifecycle methods, see the BeanFactory javadocs.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
AbstractBeanDefinition.getDestroyMethodName(), ConfigurableApplicationContext.close()

Method Summary
 void destroy()
          Invoked by a BeanFactory on destruction of a singleton.

Method Detail


public void destroy()
             throws Exception
Invoked by a BeanFactory on destruction of a singleton.

Exception - in case of shutdown errors. Exceptions will get logged but not rethrown to allow other beans to release their resources too.

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