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Packages that use SchedulingTaskExecutor Convenience classes for scheduling based on the JCA 1.5 WorkManager facility, as supported within JCA 1.5 ResourceAdapters. 
org.springframework.scheduling.backportconcurrent Scheduling convenience classes for the JSR-166 backport Executor mechanism, allowing to set up a ThreadPoolExecutor or ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor as bean in a Spring context. 
org.springframework.scheduling.quartz Support classes for the open source scheduler Quartz, allowing to set up Quartz Schedulers, JobDetails and Triggers as beans in a Spring context. 
org.springframework.scheduling.timer Scheduling convenience classes for the JDK 1.3+ Timer, allowing to set up Timers and ScheduledTimerTasks as beans in a Spring context. 

Uses of SchedulingTaskExecutor in

Classes in that implement SchedulingTaskExecutor
 class WorkManagerTaskExecutor
          TaskExecutor implementation that delegates to a JCA 1.5 WorkManager, implementing the WorkManager interface.

Uses of SchedulingTaskExecutor in org.springframework.scheduling.backportconcurrent

Classes in org.springframework.scheduling.backportconcurrent that implement SchedulingTaskExecutor
 class ConcurrentTaskExecutor
          Adapter that takes a JSR-166 backport and exposes a Spring TaskExecutor for it.
 class ThreadPoolTaskExecutor
          JavaBean that allows for configuring a JSR-166 backport ThreadPoolExecutor in bean style (through its "corePoolSize", "maxPoolSize", "keepAliveSeconds", "queueCapacity" properties), exposing it as a Spring TaskExecutor.

Uses of SchedulingTaskExecutor in org.springframework.scheduling.quartz

Classes in org.springframework.scheduling.quartz that implement SchedulingTaskExecutor
 class SimpleThreadPoolTaskExecutor
          Subclass of Quartz's SimpleThreadPool that implements Spring's TaskExecutor interface and listens to Spring lifecycle callbacks.

Uses of SchedulingTaskExecutor in org.springframework.scheduling.timer

Classes in org.springframework.scheduling.timer that implement SchedulingTaskExecutor
 class TimerTaskExecutor
          TaskExecutor implementation that uses a single Timer for executing all tasks, effectively resulting in serialized asynchronous execution on a single thread.

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