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Packages that use SavepointManager
org.springframework.jdbc.datasource Provides a utility class for easy DataSource access, a PlatformTransactionManager for a single DataSource, and various simple DataSource implementations. 
org.springframework.orm.jpa Package providing integration of JPA (Java Persistence API) with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.transaction Exception hierarchy for Spring's transaction infrastructure, independent of any specific transaction management system. Support classes for the org.springframework.transaction package. 

Uses of SavepointManager in org.springframework.jdbc.datasource

Classes in org.springframework.jdbc.datasource that implement SavepointManager
 class JdbcTransactionObjectSupport
          Convenient base class for JDBC-aware transaction objects.

Uses of SavepointManager in org.springframework.orm.jpa

Methods in org.springframework.orm.jpa that return SavepointManager
 SavepointManager EntityManagerHolder.getSavepointManager()

Methods in org.springframework.orm.jpa with parameters of type SavepointManager
 void EntityManagerHolder.setSavepointManager(SavepointManager savepointManager)

Uses of SavepointManager in org.springframework.transaction

Subinterfaces of SavepointManager in org.springframework.transaction
 interface TransactionStatus
          Representation of the status of a transaction.

Uses of SavepointManager in

Classes in that implement SavepointManager
 class AbstractTransactionStatus
          Abstract base implementation of the TransactionStatus interface.
 class DefaultTransactionStatus
          Default implementation of the TransactionStatus interface, used by AbstractPlatformTransactionManager.
 class SimpleTransactionStatus
          A simple TransactionStatus implementation.

Methods in that return SavepointManager
protected  SavepointManager DefaultTransactionStatus.getSavepointManager()
          This implementation exposes the SavepointManager interface of the underlying transaction object, if any.
protected  SavepointManager AbstractTransactionStatus.getSavepointManager()
          Return a SavepointManager for the underlying transaction, if possible.

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