Interface MethodBeforeAdvice

All Superinterfaces:
org.aopalliance.aop.Advice, BeforeAdvice
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface MethodBeforeAdvice
extends BeforeAdvice

Advice invoked before a method is invoked. Such advices cannot prevent the method call proceeding, unless they throw a Throwable.

Rod Johnson
See Also:
AfterReturningAdvice, ThrowsAdvice

Method Summary
 void before(java.lang.reflect.Method method, java.lang.Object[] args, java.lang.Object target)
          Callback before a given method is invoked.

Method Detail


void before(java.lang.reflect.Method method,
            java.lang.Object[] args,
            java.lang.Object target)
            throws java.lang.Throwable
Callback before a given method is invoked.

method - method being invoked
args - arguments to the method
target - target of the method invocation. May be null.
java.lang.Throwable - if this object wishes to abort the call. Any exception thrown will be returned to the caller if it's allowed by the method signature. Otherwise the exception will be wrapped as a runtime exception.