Class OperatorInstanceof

  extended by org.antlr.runtime.tree.BaseTree
      extended by org.antlr.runtime.tree.CommonTree
          extended by org.springframework.expression.spel.ast.SpelNode
              extended by org.springframework.expression.spel.ast.Operator
                  extended by org.springframework.expression.spel.ast.OperatorInstanceof
All Implemented Interfaces:, org.antlr.runtime.tree.Tree

public class OperatorInstanceof
extends Operator

The operator 'instanceof' checks if an object is of the class specified in the right hand operand, in the same way that instanceof does in Java.

Andy Clement
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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
OperatorInstanceof(org.antlr.runtime.Token payload)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getOperatorName()
 java.lang.Boolean getValue(ExpressionState state)
          Compare the left operand to see it is an instance of the type specified as the right operand.
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Constructor Detail


public OperatorInstanceof(org.antlr.runtime.Token payload)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getOperatorName()
Specified by:
getOperatorName in class Operator


public java.lang.Boolean getValue(ExpressionState state)
                           throws EvaluationException
Compare the left operand to see it is an instance of the type specified as the right operand. The right operand must be a class.

Specified by:
getValue in class SpelNode
state - the expression state
true if the left operand is an instanceof of the right operand, otherwise false
EvaluationException - if there is a problem evaluating the expression