Package org.springframework.web.client

Core package of the client-side web support.


Interface Summary
RequestCallback Callback interface for code that operates on a ClientHttpRequest.
ResponseErrorHandler Strategy interface used by the RestTemplate to determine whether a particular response has an error or not.
ResponseExtractor<T> Generic callback interface used by RestTemplate's retrieval methods Implementations of this interface perform the actual work of extracting data from a ClientHttpResponse, but don't need to worry about exception handling or closing resources.
RestOperations Interface specifying a basic set of RESTful operations.

Class Summary
DefaultResponseErrorHandler Default implementation of the ResponseErrorHandler interface.
HttpMessageConverterExtractor<T> Response extractor that uses the given entity converters to convert the response into a type T.
RestTemplate The central class for client-side HTTP access..

Exception Summary
HttpClientErrorException Exception thrown when a HTTP 4xx is received.
HttpServerErrorException Exception thrown when a HTTP 5xx is received.
HttpStatusCodeException Abstract base class for exceptions based on an HttpStatus.
ResourceAccessException Exception thrown when an I/O error occurs.
RestClientException Base class for exceptions thrown by RestTemplate whenever it encounters client-side HTTP errors.

Package org.springframework.web.client Description

Core package of the client-side web support. Provides a RestTemplate class and various callback interfaces.