Interface ConversationAttributeSource

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public interface ConversationAttributeSource

Interface used by the ConversationInterceptor to retrieve the meta-data for the particular conversation. The meta-data can be provided by any implementation which is capable to return a ConversationAttribute instance based on a method and class. The implementation could be a annotation-based one or a XML-based implementation that retrieves the meta-data through a XML-configuration.

Agim Emruli

Method Summary
 ConversationAttribute getConversationAttribute(Method method, Class<?> targetClass)
          Resolves the ConversatioNAttribute for a particular method if available.

Method Detail


ConversationAttribute getConversationAttribute(Method method,
                                               Class<?> targetClass)
Resolves the ConversatioNAttribute for a particular method if available. This method must return null if there are no ConversationAttribute meta-data available for one particular method. It is up to the implementation to look for alternative sources like class-level annotations that applies to all methods inside a particular class.

method - The method for which the ConversationAttribute should be returned.
targetClass - The target class where the implementation should look for.
the conversation attributes if available for the method, otherwise null.