Interface OAuthNonceServices

All Known Implementing Classes:
ExpiringTimestampNonceServices, InMemoryNonceServices, NullNonceServices

public interface OAuthNonceServices

Ryan Heaton

Method Summary
 void validateNonce(ConsumerDetails consumerDetails, long timestamp, String nonce)
          Validate a nonce for a specific consumer timestamp.

Method Detail


void validateNonce(ConsumerDetails consumerDetails,
                   long timestamp,
                   String nonce)
Validate a nonce for a specific consumer timestamp. This is an opportunity to prevent replay attacks. Every nonce should be unique for each consumer timestamp. In other words, this method should throw a BadCredentialsException if the specified nonce was used by the consumer more than once with the specified timestamp.

consumerDetails - The consumer details.
timestamp - The timestamp.
nonce - The nonce.
Throws: - If the nonce failed to validate.

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