Interface Summary
ConsumerDetails Provides core OAuth consumer information.
ConsumerDetailsService A service that provides the details about an oauth consumer.
ExtraTrustConsumerDetails Consumer details for a specific resource.
OAuthAuthenticationHandler Callback interface for handing authentication details that are used when an authenticated request for a protected resource is received.
OAuthProviderSupport Support logic for OAuth providers.
ResourceSpecificConsumerDetails Consumer details for a specific resource.

Class Summary
BaseConsumerDetails Base implementation for consumer details.
ConsumerAuthentication Authentication for an OAuth consumer.
ConsumerCredentials The credentials for an OAuth consumer request.
DefaultAuthenticationHandler The default authentication handler.
InMemoryConsumerDetailsService Basic, in-memory implementation of the consumer details service.
OAuthAuthenticationDetails Authentication details and includes the details of the OAuth consumer.
OAuthProcessingFilterEntryPoint Entry point for OAuth authentication requests.

Exception Summary

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