Interface Summary
AuthorizationRequest Base class representing a request for authorization.
AuthorizationRequestManager Strategy for managing AuthorizationRequest instances during a token grant.
ClientDetails Client details for OAuth 2
ClientDetailsService A service that provides the details about an oauth 2client.
ClientRegistrationService Interface for client registration, handling add, update and remove of ClientDetails from an Authorization Server.
SaltedClientSecret Marker interface for indicating that a client details secret has some salt.
TokenGranter Interface for granters of access tokens.

Class Summary
BaseClientDetails Base implementation of ClientDetails.
DefaultAuthorizationRequest Base class representing a request for authorization.
DefaultAuthorizationRequestManager Default implementation of AuthorizationRequestManager which validates grant types and scopes and fills in scopes with the default values from the client if they are missing.
InMemoryClientDetailsService Basic, in-memory implementation of the client details service.
JdbcClientDetailsService Basic, JDBC implementation of the client details service.
OAuth2Authentication An OAuth 2 authentication token can contain two authentications: one for the client and one for the user.

Exception Summary
ClientAlreadyExistsException Exception indicating that a client registration already exists (e.g. if someone tries to create a duplicate).

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