Spring-DM export support package.


Class Summary
AbstractDependentServiceExporter Base class for ServiceExporters taking care of service registration and unregistration.
AbstractOsgiServiceExporter DependentServiceExporter extension that takes care of listeners registration and notification.
AutoExport Enum-like class indicatin class exporters available to OsgiServiceFactoryBean for registering object as OSGi services.
BeanNameServicePropertiesResolver OsgiServicePropertiesResolver that creates a service property set with the following properties: Bundle-SymbolicName=<bundle symbolic name> Bundle-Version=<bundle version>"<bean name>
ExportContextClassLoader Enum-like class for the exporter thread context-classLoader (TCCL) management options.
OsgiServiceFactoryBean FactoryBean that transparently publishes other beans in the same application context as OSGi services returning the ServiceRegistration for the given object.

Package Description

Spring-DM export support package. Supporting classes for org.springframework.osgi.service.exporter package.

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