Class OsgiBundleApplicationContextEvent

  extended by java.util.EventObject
      extended by org.springframework.context.ApplicationEvent
          extended by org.springframework.context.event.ApplicationContextEvent
              extended by org.springframework.osgi.context.event.OsgiBundleApplicationContextEvent
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
BootstrappingDependencyEvent, OsgiBundleContextFailedEvent, OsgiBundleContextRefreshedEvent

public abstract class OsgiBundleApplicationContextEvent
extends ApplicationContextEvent

Base class for events raised for an ApplicationContext created inside an OSGi environment. Normally, events of this type are raised by the OSGi extender to notify 3rd parties, external to the context, about changes in the life cycle of the application context.

Note:While the context source is likely to be an implementation of ConfigurableOsgiBundleApplicationContext, this is not mandatory (it's entirely possible to have a non-OSGi aware ApplicationContext implementation).

Costin Leau
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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
OsgiBundleApplicationContextEvent(ApplicationContext source, Bundle bundle)
          Constructs a new OsgiApplicationContextEvent instance.
Method Summary
 Bundle getBundle()
          Returns the OSGi Bundle associated with the application context that triggers the event.
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Constructor Detail


public OsgiBundleApplicationContextEvent(ApplicationContext source,
                                         Bundle bundle)
Constructs a new OsgiApplicationContextEvent instance.

source - the ConfigurableOsgiBundleApplicationContext that the event is raised for (must not be null)
Method Detail


public Bundle getBundle()
Returns the OSGi Bundle associated with the application context that triggers the event.

associated OSGi bundle

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