Class MockFrameworkUtil

  extended by org.springframework.osgi.mock.MockFrameworkUtil

public class MockFrameworkUtil
extends Object

FrameworkUtil-like class that tries to create a somewhat valid filter. Filters objects can be created without an actual OSGi platform running however, the default OSGi implementation delegates the creation to the package indicated by "org.osgi.vendor.framework" property. In its current implementation, this class requires one of Equinox, Knoplerfish or Felix on its classpath to create the filter object.

Costin Leau

Method Summary
 Filter createFilter(String filter)
          Create a mock filter that is _might_ be valid.
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Method Detail


public Filter createFilter(String filter)
Create a mock filter that is _might_ be valid. This method does not throw an checked exception and will always return a filter implementation.

filter - OSGi filter given as a String.
actual OSGi filter using the underlying OSGi platform

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