3. Overview of the dm Server Kernel and User Region

Conceptually, dm Server can be divided into two separate subsystems, one of which actually encompases the other:

The following graphic shows how the kernel and user region make up dm Server:

When you download and install SpringSource dm Server you get both the kernel and a user region. You can also download and use the kernel on its own if you do not plan on deploying Web applications.

3.1 The dm Server Kernel

The dm Kernel encapsulates almost all of dm Server except for the deployment of Web applications. In sum, the kernel provides the following dm Server features:

  • Deployment of non-Web artifacts, such as OSGi bundles, PARs, plans, and configuration artifacts.
  • Local and hosted repositories
  • Scoping
  • Hot deployment
  • User region
  • Auto-provisioning
  • System and application tracing and dump support
  • Spring beans and Spring DM support

See Configuring dm Server for details about configuring the default kernel to better suit your environment.