7. Serviceability

Logging (both event logging and trace logging) in dm Server comes in two forms: application logging and server logging. Both are configured together in the serviceability.xml file in the config directory. This takes the form of a Logback configuration—dm Server uses a Logback implementation behind the SLF4J logging interface.

What was previously referred to as Logging, is now referred to as Event Logging, and what was previously referred to as Trace logging (or Tracing) is now simply Logging.

7.1 Event log files

Event log files are low-volume logs of important events in SpringSource dm Server. Each server message written to an event log file is accompanied by a code enclosed in angle brackets. An example is shown below:

[2009-08-25 15:04:57.044] server-dm-7                  <OF0001I> OSGi telnet console available on port 2401.

(For a description of the log code syntax, see Appendix A, Event log codes.) The format of event log messages from the server is fully configurable.

By default, event log messages are stored in $SERVER_HOME/serviceability/eventlogs/eventlog_i.log and output to the console. The index i varies from 1 to 4, at 10Mb boundaries. An examination of the Logback configuration will show these defaults being set. They may be modified.

For a description of the syntax and facilities provided by this file see the Logback documentation (referenced in Appendix C, Further Reading ).