Class AutoRecoverConnectionNotCurrentlyOpenException

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    public class AutoRecoverConnectionNotCurrentlyOpenException
    extends AmqpException
    An exception thrown if the connection is an auto recover connection that is not currently open and is in the process of being recovered.

    Spring AMQP has had its own recovery logic since day one. The amqp-client library now supports automatic connection and topology recovery; and, since 4.0.0, it is enabled by default. While Spring AMQP is compatible with the client recovery logic, it's generally not necessary to use it; in fact, you may recover faster when relying on Spring AMQP's recovery, especially on the producer side, when a RabbitTemplate has a RetryTemplate.

    If you get this exception, consider disabling the client auto recovery. Spring AMQP disables it by default, unless you configure the underlying rabbit connection factory yourself.

    Gary Russell
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