Package org.springframework.batch.core

Core domain context for Spring Batch covering jobs, steps, configuration and execution abstractions.


Interface Summary
ChunkListener Listener interface for the lifecycle of a chunk.
ItemReadListener Listener interface around the reading of an item.
ItemWriteListener Listener interface around the writing of an item.
Job Batch domain object representing a job.
JobExecutionListener Provide callbacks at specific points in the lifecycle of a Job.
SkipListener Interface for listener to skipped items.
Step Batch domain interface representing the configuration of a step.
StepExecutionListener Listener interface for the lifecycle of a Step.
StepListener Marker interface that acts as a parent to all step domain listeners, such as: StepExecutionListener, ChunkListener, ItemReadListener and ItemWriteListener

Class Summary
BatchStatus Typesafe enumeration representing the status of an artifact within the batch environment.
Entity Batch Domain Entity class.
JobExecution Batch domain object representing the execution of a job.
JobInstance Batch domain object representing a uniquely identifiable job run - it's identity is given by the pair Job and JobParameters.
JobParameters Value object representing runtime parameters to a batch job.
JobParametersBuilder Helper class for creating JobParameters.
StepContribution Represents a contribution to a StepExecution, buffering changes until they can be applied at a chunk boundary.
StepExecution Batch domain object representation the execution of a step.

Exception Summary
JobExecutionException Root of exception hierarchy for checked exceptions in job and step execution.
JobInterruptedException Exception to indicate the the job has been interrupted.
StartLimitExceededException Indicates the step's start limit has been exceeded.
UnexpectedJobExecutionException Indicates to the framework that a critical error has occurred and processing should immediately stop.

Package org.springframework.batch.core Description

Core domain context for Spring Batch covering jobs, steps, configuration and execution abstractions. Most classes here are interfaces with implementations saved for specific applications. This is the public API of Spring Batch. There is a reference implementation of the core interfaces in the execution module.

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