Package org.springframework.batch.core.repository.dao

Specific implementations of dao concerns.


Interface Summary
JobExecutionDao Data Access Object for job executions.
JobInstanceDao Data Access Object for job instances.

Class Summary
AbstractJdbcBatchMetadataDao Encapsulates common functionality needed by JDBC batch metadata DAOs - provides jdbcTemplate for subclasses and handles table prefixes.
JdbcJobExecutionDao Jdbc implementation of JobExecutionDao.
JdbcJobInstanceDao Jdbc implementation of JobInstanceDao.
JdbcStepExecutionDao Jdbc implementation of StepExecutionDao.
Allows customization of the tables names used by Spring Batch for step meta data via a prefix property.
Uses sequences or tables (via Spring's DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer abstraction) to create all primary keys before inserting a new row.
MapJobExecutionDao In-memory implementation of JobExecutionDao.
MapJobInstanceDao In-memory implementation of JobInstanceDao.
MapStepExecutionDao In-memory implementation of StepExecutionDao.

Exception Summary
NoSuchObjectException This exception identifies that a batch domain object is invalid, which is generally caused by an invalid ID.

Package org.springframework.batch.core.repository.dao Description

Specific implementations of dao concerns.

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