Package org.springframework.batch.item.database

Infrastructure implementations of database based item readers and writers.


Interface Summary
ItemPreparedStatementSetter A convenient strategy for SQL updates, acting effectively as the inverse of RowMapper.
KeyCollector Strategy interface used to collect keys in driving query input.

Class Summary
AbstractTransactionalResourceItemWriter Stores items in transactional resource and flushes aggressively in case of failure.
BatchSqlUpdateItemWriter ItemWriter that uses the batching features from PreparedStatement if available and can take some rudimentary steps to locate a failure during a flush, and identify the items that failed.
DrivingQueryItemReader Convenience class for driving query item readers.
HibernateAwareItemWriter ItemWriter that is aware of the Hibernate session and can take some responsibilities to do with chunk boundaries away from a less smart ItemWriter (the delegate).
HibernateCursorItemReader ItemReader for reading database records built on top of Hibernate.
IbatisDrivingQueryItemReader Extension of DrivingQueryItemReader that maps keys to objects.
JdbcCursorItemReader Simple item reader that opens a JDBC cursor and continually retrieves the next row in the ResultSet.

Package org.springframework.batch.item.database Description

Infrastructure implementations of database based item readers and writers.

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