Class AggregateItemReader

  extended by org.springframework.batch.item.AbstractItemReader
      extended by
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
ItemReader, InitializingBean

public class AggregateItemReader
extends DelegatingItemReader

An ItemReader that delivers a list as its item, storing up objects from the injected ItemReader until they are ready to be packed out as a collection. The ItemReader should mark the beginning and end of records with the constant values in FieldSetMapper (BEGIN_RECORD and END_RECORD).
This class is thread safe (it can be used concurrently by multiple threads) as long as the ItemReader is also thread safe.

Dave Syer

Field Summary
static Object BEGIN_RECORD
          Marker for the beginning of a multi-object record.
static Object END_RECORD
          Marker for the end of a multi-object record.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Object read()
          Get the next list of records.
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Field Detail


public static final Object END_RECORD
Marker for the end of a multi-object record.


public static final Object BEGIN_RECORD
Marker for the beginning of a multi-object record.

Constructor Detail


public AggregateItemReader()
Method Detail


public Object read()
            throws Exception
Get the next list of records.

Specified by:
read in interface ItemReader
read in class DelegatingItemReader
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