Class PropertiesConverter

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public final class PropertiesConverter
extends Object

Utility to convert a Properties object to a String and back. Ideally this utility should have been used to convert to string in order to convert that string back to a Properties Object. Attempting to convert a string obtained by calling Properties.toString() will return an invalid Properties object. The format of Properties is that used by PropertiesPersister from the Spring Core, so a String in the correct format for a Spring property editor is fine (key=value pairs separated by new lines).

Lucas Ward, Dave Syer
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Method Summary
static String propertiesToString(Properties propertiesToParse)
          Convert Properties object to String.
static Properties stringToProperties(String stringToParse)
          Parse a String to a Properties object.
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Method Detail


public static Properties stringToProperties(String stringToParse)
Parse a String to a Properties object. If string is null, an empty Properties object will be returned. The input String is a set of name=value pairs, delimited by either newline or comma (for brevity). If the input String contains a newline it is assumed that the separator is newline, otherwise comma.

stringToParse - String to parse.
Properties parsed from each string.
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public static String propertiesToString(Properties propertiesToParse)
Convert Properties object to String. This is only necessary for compatibility with converting the String back to a properties object. If an empty properties object is passed in, a blank string is returned, otherwise it's string representation is returned.

propertiesToParse -
String representation of properties object

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