Package org.springframework.batch.core.step

Specific implementations of step concerns.


Interface Summary
StepHolder Interface for holders of a Step as a convenience for callers who need access to the underlying instance.
StepInterruptionPolicy Strategy interface for an interruption policy.
StepLocator Interface for locating a Step instance by name.

Class Summary
AbstractStep A Step implementation that provides common behavior to subclasses, including registering and calling listeners.
NoWorkFoundStepExecutionListener Fails the step if no items have been processed ( item count is 0).
ThreadStepInterruptionPolicy Policy that checks the current thread to see if it has been interrupted.

Exception Summary
AbstractStep.FatalException Signals a fatal exception - e.g. unable to persist batch metadata or rollback transaction.
NoSuchStepException Exception to signal that a step was requested that is unknown or does not exist.

Package org.springframework.batch.core.step Description

Specific implementations of step concerns.

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