Class ColumnMapItemPreparedStatementSetter

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ColumnMapItemPreparedStatementSetter
extends Object
implements ItemPreparedStatementSetter<Map<String,Object>>

Implementation of the ItemPreparedStatementSetter interface that assumes all keys are contained within a Map with the column name as the key. It assumes nothing about ordering, and assumes that the order the entry set can be iterated over is the same as the PreparedStatement should be set.

Lucas Ward, Dave Syer
See Also:
ItemPreparedStatementSetter, ColumnMapRowMapper

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void setValues(Map<String,Object> item, PreparedStatement ps)
          Set parameter values on the given PreparedStatement as determined from the provided item.
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Constructor Detail


public ColumnMapItemPreparedStatementSetter()
Method Detail


public void setValues(Map<String,Object> item,
                      PreparedStatement ps)
               throws SQLException
Description copied from interface: ItemPreparedStatementSetter
Set parameter values on the given PreparedStatement as determined from the provided item.

Specified by:
setValues in interface ItemPreparedStatementSetter<Map<String,Object>>
ps - the PreparedStatement to invoke setter methods on
SQLException - if a SQLException is encountered (i.e. there is no need to catch SQLException)

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