Internal support package


Class Summary
AbstractItemCountingItemStreamItemReader<T> Abstract superclass for ItemReaders that supports restart by storing item count in the ExecutionContext (therefore requires item ordering to be preserved between runs).
AbstractItemStreamItemReader<T> Base class for ItemReader implementations.
AbstractItemStreamItemWriter<T> Base class for ItemWriter implementations.
ClassifierCompositeItemWriter<T> Calls one of a collection of ItemWriters for each item, based on a router pattern implemented through the provided Classifier.
CompositeItemProcessor<I,O> Composite ItemProcessor that passes the item through a sequence of injected ItemTransformers (return value of previous transformation is the entry value of the next).
CompositeItemStream Simple ItemStream that delegates to a list of other streams.
CompositeItemWriter<T> Calls a collection of ItemWriters in fixed-order sequence.
ListItemReader<T> An ItemReader that pulls data from a list.
PassThroughItemProcessor<T> Simple ItemProcessor that does nothing - simply passes its argument through to the caller.

Package Description

Internal support package

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